You Are Now Under My Bed!
Done with people!

JUST LEAVE ME ALONE TO DIE! Because your stupidity is literally killing me.


Go into your room to do one thing. Emerge an hour later… WTF was I doing?



Sometimes I’m offended on behalf of my gender and sometimes I’m offended by my gender.There is just no winning.


Feeling that everyday is exactly the same. It’s starting to drive me up the wall. I need a change and fast.     Oh and by he way tumblr I missed you!

Well haven’t been on tumblr in a while and when I finally got on my entire feed was full of anime. … So much anime.

My mom lies.

She told me today that she doesn’t favor my younger brothers over me. I nearly laughed out loud. She goes out of her way to do anything for them but when it comes to me she either doesn’t have the time or money to do anything with me. And she wonders why I prefer it at my dad’s. When she moved into her new house I wasn’t even offered a bedroom. She used the extra room as a gameroom for my youngest brother. And yes I still remember those vacations you went on with your friend and her daughter and never invited me on. You came back and told me how wonderfully perfect her daughter’s best friend was. Thanks for the memories.

To Those Who Will Listen.

All the social media is absolutely buzzing. Either celebrating or lamenting the outcome of this election. But there is no reason for these hate filled words that are being spread. They are making us, “the people”, look ugly. Is it really that easy to accuse people of things if you haven’t met them. To judge someone by what you have heard through the media. Is it really so easy to turn against a friend because of what they believe in. These elections have made us into people who say such inappropriate, ignorant accusations. There is no need for the hate. Spread the love. Create peace. And rock on.


That feeling you get when you know you got all the answers right on a quiz.

ROFL that’s frick’n hilarious.